A Glimpse of Darlinghurst


Please click on the images below to take a glimpse of Darlinghurst Academy.


Take a glimpse at Early Years, where our children play happily and safely,

engaging in activitiesand building their interest. Our spaces support them to explore and discover, learn and create, building awe and wonder.

Our staff help our children to constantly learn and become resilient, capable and confident children. As a result, our children cooperate well with each other.

They are happy and settled and make good gains from their starting points.

Take a glimpse across the Academy, we encourage playful spirits, curiosity and a sense of adventure, inside and outside the classroom.

We provide intentional and responsive experiences, teaching in authentic contexts and varying situations, ensuring that learning is purposeful and relevant. Children's understanding is deepened through connected experiences so that we improve learning and develop their fundamental skills.

We support their moral development and well-being, focusing on their emotional and social skills. We encourage them to be kind citizens contributing to living in the wider world, knowing that they are not only part of the Darlinghurst community but belonging to something even bigger.

We are truly invested in the lives of our children. They are at the centre of all that we do. Each day, our staff come to Darlinghurst ready to deliver a role that is critically important, vastly rewarding and in essence, to help our children become their best selves.