Music curriculum at Darlinghurst

Music at Darlinghurst provides everyone with an opportunity to create, discover and explore. Our bespoke curriculum (with extensive links to the Edison Connected Curriculum) takes the children of Darlinghurst on a journey through instruments of the orchestra, storytelling through music, musical theatre (supported by Year 6 trips to London's West End to see Matilda), styles of music including rock, pop, gospel and jazz, world music in Africa, Asia and the Americas, the classical music tradition (including composer studies and analysis of the baroque, romantic & modern orchestral eras), film music, songwriting, music technology, and compositional techniques.

Music teaching begins in the Nursery and continues up to and including Year 6, and the enthusiasm with which all children in the school embrace Music enables many pupils to reach an outstanding level of musical understanding and knowledge.

Children at Darlinghurst also have the chance to learn instruments with our visiting team of instrumental specialists. We currently offer lessons at the keyboard, flute, clarinet, saxophone, drums, guitar (electric or acoustic), ukelele, violin and singing, and we have over 130 children taking advantage of those lessons. Mrs Havis leads our school Choir, which performs not only in school but also frequently in the local community - winning "Best School Choir" at the 2015 Village Green in Chalkwell Park. Our yearly school musical also provides the children with the unique opportunity to perform, previous productions have included adaptations of Robin Hood and Aladdin. This year children performed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which was enjoyed by family and the local community. Councillor Steve Buckley commented "I could see that the pupils thoroughly enjoyed being involved and credit must certainly go to the staff for all their hard work on this production."


Music at Darlinghurst aims to provide your child not just with the best preparation for further Music study (at secondary or even university level), but with an opportunity to create, discover and explore a world of music from all cultures, styles, traditions and approaches. We encourage enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity - there's always time for one more question!


Music Autumn 2 Overview