Focused Topic Time


Focused topics further enhance discrete subject areas, allowing children to develop and apply skills and knowledge to areas such as practical science and ICT, culture and diversity and staying healthy. Our focused topic times are scheduled to include learning opportunities within topics such as:

· Practical use of ICT

· Understanding of Diversity and Culture

· Staying Healthy

· Scientific Enquirer

Focused topic titles are broad allowing children and teachers to follow lines of enquiry and pathways which take learning in new directions based on children's interests and needs or child-led. They also allow for deep extended focused time on discrete skills.

Since rolling out, 'focused topic time', children have been enthused and passionate to complete these lessons, showing ownership and interest in developing their knowledge, skills or attributes in the topic areas.

Children are awarded certificates at the end of each focused topic, acknowledging their participation.

Developing Prime areas across the Academy

In EYFS and beyond, we support children in developing;


We provide opportunities for our children to become physically confident and develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle; to have opportunities to create, discover and explore; to express themselves; be imaginative and remain curious and creative. Awareness of others and ourselves is raised through planned key events, PHSE, RSE, assemblies and workshops. We successfully met the criteria for the Equality and Diversity award, as well as attaining the 'Enhanced Healthy Schools Award'. Events such as, 'International Week' in 2018 enabled families to participate in cultural diversity with parents, children and staff taking part in shared events.