The children at Darlinghurst receive an art or design and technology lesson each week from our specialist teacher who leads the subject. The lessons are taught in a unique classroom environment dedicated solely to the subject area and the children's achievements.

We are fortunate to have a large range of materials for the children to use and experiment with both in and out of the classroom. This enhances and embeds learning linked to the curriculum. The emphasis is on skills and talent, plus perseverance where all children are encouraged, creating an atmosphere for the children to create and thrive.

From Year 1 we collate the children's artwork which becomes a record and keepsake of their amazing creativity throughout their primary years at Darlingurst. When the children leave in Year six their art collection remains with them, giving them a head start and reference for their future creative endeavours.

From reception to year six the children take part in a vast array of activities, from clay sculptures of hedgehogs in the early years, to observational drawing, abstract impressionist painting, pastel and charcoal landscapes, pop and classical art, toy making, sewing, weaving, natural sculptures, fridge magnets, mask and puppet making, seasonal art and craft, photography, healthy ice lolly and chocolate making as well as many other activities all linked to their learning. We also have visitors to the art room such as artists, performance poets and art students. We learn about artists and designers such as Andy Warhol, Picasso, Christopher Ofili, Andrew Goldsworthy, Quentin Blake and Damien Hurst.

At Darlinghurst we have great links to outside art and design groups who are just as passionate about enhancing and inspiring our children's creative abilities as we are.

From early years we reinforce respect for equipment and observe the correct and safe way to behave in an art room. The children develop a critical eye for art work whether it is work belonging to their peers, themselves. We use a gallery style walkabout during each lesson in order for the children to gain an objective and individual opinion of art and design.

Darlinghurst Academy was recently awarded a double silver award at the South East Essex Design Competition.

The children are taught that a career in the creative sector is just as valid and important as any other and is an integral part of our society whether it is for advertising, selling, or well-being and pleasure. This adds meaning to their work and inspires our learners and allows them to acquire new skills.