Community (Parents’) Forum


The Community Forum is a group made up predominantly of, but not limited to, parent volunteers, and members of staff.

What is it for?

Currently the forum meets to discuss school-related issues, working in partnership to continually develop the school. Meetings are informal, led by Darlinghurst staff.

If you are interested in helping to raise funds for the school, please look at our Parents' Association page.

How it works

       · The Forum meets six times a year. Dates are set each half term so that as many people as possible can attend. Dates will be published in News and Views and on the Calendar page

· Meetings take place at the school during the week, usually from 9:00am

· Other members of the community are welcome to join too

Contact the Darlinghurst Community Forum

If you would like to join the Forum or would like to suggest a topic without becoming a member, email

Please note: If you have specific concerns about your child, your first point of call should always be their class teacher

Parent Forum Literature

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