Harvey, Lion Class - Despicable Me 3 review


Despicable Me 3 review by Harvey, Lion Class

Gru loses job at MIL Secret Services, and Lucy leaves too.

Brat Boy is trying to steal a big pink diamond.

Gru was told by a man that he had a twin brother he didn't know about called Dru. He was very rich and lived in Hollywood, Gru is a bit jealous of Dru, but it turned out Dru was jealous of Gru because his Dad liked him more because he was a famous villain. Dru was trying to get Gru to be a villain again so he could be one too. The Minnions wanted to be villains too but Grus said "No". He was a good guy now.

Brat Boy kidnapped the kids and tied up Lucy. Gru and Dru rescued Lucy and went off in Dru's super fast gold car that transformed into a boat.

Brat Boy had turned into a huge inflatable version of himself and he went on the rampage and there was a big fight.

Gru fired the guitar gun at him and it let all the air out and then he got stuck in his own gum. The kids got rescued and so did the diamond and Gru and Dru are good friends.


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