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Darlinghurst children were fortunate enough to be visited by Thomas Docherty who is an acclaimed author and illustrator of children's picture books including Little Boat, Big Scary Monster, and the Driftwood Ball. The Snatchabook, which was written by his wife Helen, and was illustrated by Thomas has been shortlisted for several awards in the UK and US and been translated into 17 languages. He has also recently completed the illustrations for a new Julia Donaldson book called Bombs and Blackberries which is a play set during World War II.

Thomas delivered two fantastic assemblies in the morning and spoke to the children about where the inspiration for his stories came from and how to create and bring characters to life using words and illustrations. He finished by reading Abracazebra and it was wonderful to see the engagement and enjoyment form all the children (and staff). Children chosen from across the school then attended workshops during the day and learnt more about the creative process and completed some fantastic writing and artwork based on the characters form his books. At lunchtime, Thomas read a number of his books and the children were able to drop in for this special story time treat. In the afternoon, he worked with a group of year 6 pupils including our prefects, junior governors and eco team. They have produced some wonderful artwork and writing based on the character Little Boat inspired by the part of the story where he encounters a storm. They have written about what they wold see, think and feel in this situation. During the session, there were some great discussions and the language the children used in their writing was really enhanced by the experience. The day was rounded off by a book signing outside in the spring sunshine and it was lovely to see some many children walking away with fantastic stories to read and share at home, continuing our love of reading. 

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