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At Darlinghurst we promote an inclusive culture, foster empowerment, raise the attainment of all of our children no matter their prior attainment, support emotional, health and wellbeing. Our academy priorities drive our approach to supporting the needs of all children, including our disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Our approach through SPACE fosters skills to help all our children grow into confident and active learners that contribute effectively and are prepared for change becoming successful in life.

Academy priority 1

Ensure staff's EXPERT KNOWLEDGE and EXCELLENCE within their field, provides support and challenge = high quality provision and progress for ALL

Academy Priority 2

Sustain and be accountable for the CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT and practices = all children succeed, ensuring rapid response and impact for any child in need of intervention

Premium funding (informed by evidence-based approaches from the EEF and proven approaches for similar schools and our own successes) is used to provide activities to: support the quality of teaching, provide targeted academic support and deal with non-academic barriers. We support the quality of teaching through the provision of PD, provide targeted academic support within year groups (provision map) and deal with non-academic barriers that disadvantaged children face such as attendance, wellbeing and relationship building.

We are implementing a 3-year approach, responsive to common challenges and individual needs, rooted in robust diagnostic assessment and not assumptions about the impact of disadvantage. Like the pupil premium grant, we spend the recovery premium on a wider cohort of pupils than those who attract the funding and direct recovery premium spending where we think the need is greatest.

The academy uses Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium funding together to support our children to make progress, increase progress and attainment outcomes of disadvantaged children, and narrow the gap between PP and Non-PP. The academy reviews and evaluates the impact of expenditure for provision at termly intervals throughout the academic year, measuring progress against the success criteria. Where available, internal and external data and additional information will be used to evaluate progress. We will show how we are using the recovery premium effectively by reporting on our use of recovery premium as part of our pupil premium strategy statement.

As with all government funding, Darlinghurst Academy is able to account for how this money is being used to achieve our central goal of improving the attainment of our disadvantaged. Our Strategy Policy is in place to ensure funding is allocated and spent appropriately with accountability of educational performance, including scrutiny by governors and trustees. Academy leaders with responsibility for the plan, work with key stakeholders and line managers. The Principal and Vice Principal are accountable through direct line management and to the governing Body, with regular reports and updates during governing body meetings.

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For further information regarding the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) that provides research based interventions and strategies to help schools use funding effectively.

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