Active Citizens



Why Active Citizens?

"At Darlinghurst all children are active in their learning and encouraged to be active citizens within the academy and the wider world. We know that we can make a difference! Our active citizen groups make a positive contribution to academy life and the world around us. We are proud of our roles and responsibilities and take community action. This demonstrates our sense of belonging". Active Citizens

Junior Leadership Team

Our aim is to be reliable role models for the rest of the school. We encourage positive behaviour and thrive to achieve high expectations.


Junior Governors

Our aim is to give every pupil a voice and ensure their views and opinions are heard.


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Peer Mediators

Our aim is to help others to manage their feelings and friendships. We help them to find ways to resolve problems and use mediation. We are "Playground Buddies" and Mentors.

We encourage kindness and daily happiness. Have you filled someone's bucket today? 


Eco team

Our aim is to promote eco-awareness across the school, making a difference to our 'footprint'


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Sports Committee

Our aim is to ensure the children of Darlinghurst stay active and healthy through positive play and exercise.


Play squad

Our aim is to make the playground safe, fun and enjoyable for all.


What our Active Citizens Say

"One of the most important tasks as a Junior Governor is to represent the children in my class to make sure that their voices are heard. Mrs Nicholls values our concerns and ideas and thinks about how we can put our thoughts into action".                                                                   

Proud member of the Junior Leadership Team

"As a member of the Sports Committee I listen to children's suggestions for sports, health and fitness. I encourage children to stay active and healthy through play and exercise. The PE team help us to bring our ideas alive. They are encouraging and really passionate about PE and health related fitness."

Proud member of the Sports Committee

"When I was a Play Squad member I led games at lunchtime. I undertook training to be a play leader, learning how to lead games and encourage others to join in. It was nice to see everyone playing happily together. The play squad has not been able to do their role this year, as the bubbles have been playing separately. In the bubbles, children have play equipment and play with their bubble friends."

Proud member of the Play Squad

"We are proud to have been chosen for the Junior Leadership Team as good role models for the rest of the school. We encourage positive behaviour and thrive to achieve high expectations."


"I am proud to have been elected as Head Girl for Darlinghurst Academy. I am proud to be part of a caring school with really kind teachers. I would love all of the other children who attend Darlinghurst to have a brilliant time here too!"

Head Girl

"As Head Boy, I am enjoying this important role of responsibility and am so pleased to represent a wonderful school, full of amazing staff and friendly children. I have had many inspirational years at the school and relish the position of modelling my own good behaviour to the younger students."

Head Boy

"As a member of the Eco Team, I feel a huge sense of belonging as we make a difference locally and for making the world a better place. Being on the team has empowered me to make a difference to our school and community."

Proud Member of the Eco Team